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What Does “Water-Soluble” Mean in the Hemp Industry?

What Does “Water-Soluble” Mean in the Hemp Industry?

The terms “Water-Soluble”, “Nano-Emulsified”, or “Nano CBD” are used throughout the hemp industry now. Many times, they are used incorrectly or can be misleading. We will use this article to educate you on what these terms imply and how you can use this knowledge to make the best decision for yourself when purchasing your CBD products.


What is Water Soluble CBD?

You have most likely heard the phrase, “Oil and water don’t mix”. This is true when talking about oils extracted from the cannabis plant as well. CBD and THC are molecules that are known to be hydrophobic. Hydrophobic is a fancy way of saying these molecules do not mix with water. So, water soluble CBD, is CBD that has been manufactured in a way to make it as water soluble as possible. We want to be honest here and hope this part doesn’t confuse you, but there is truly no such thing as water-soluble CBD. Even the best formulations fall short of scientifically being categorized as soluble in water. A better, more accurate term would be “water-compatible” but since the industry has accepted the terminology, we will too. To make CBD oil water soluble, the CBD must be broken up into exceedingly small particles. The particles are then coated with surfactants which stabilize them and allow them to suspend in water.


Why Would I Want a Water-Soluble Product?

What are the reasons that companies have products that are created to be water soluble or created with nanotechnology? The main reason for this is Bioavailability. Bioavailability is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the degree and rate at which a substance (such as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity”, bioavailability is a complicated term to explain a simple concept. Bioavailability speaks to how quickly and efficiently the body absorbs and uses a substance (such as CBD). So, the reason companies look to include nanotechnology or water-soluble formulations of their products is so that you can absorb more of the CBD per serving than you would without it. This makes sense when you think about it logically – Our bodies are primarily made up of water. Because of this, and the fact that CBD is naturally hydrophobic, your body will naturally resist absorption of CBD into the bloodstream as it is filtered through the liver. Anubhav Pratap Singh, PhD, is a scientist at the University of British Columbia and told the website CBD Hacker, “Nanoemulsifying CBD (making it water-soluble) means that large amounts of CBD molecules which would either be eliminated (due to poor solubility) or rejected (due to the larger size of general CBD molecules) or destroyed (by chemicals and enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract) will be more readily absorbed.” Some studies show that oral administration of CBD can result in bioavailability being as low as 10%. This would mean that 90% of the CBD you took ends up being filtered out of your body without offering any effect at all. (The studies used very few participants so more studies need to be performed).

Also, topical formulas can have added value from containing water-soluble CBD. This is because the CBD particles are smaller and able to fit through tight junctions between cells allowing for greater absorption into the skin.


Are There Any Concerns to Consider When Taking a Water-Soluble Product?

Of course! We want to present you with all the facts so you can choose what is best for you. One thing to consider is the fact that the CBD industry is still highly unregulated and allows for companies to use words like water-soluble or nano-emulsified without explanation of their process. Many of these companies will not disclose the full list of ingredients used to achieve water-compatibility and will hide behind “proprietary” formulations. Also, if the oil you are using is more bio-available because it is water-soluble, any microbials, pesticides, or other unwanted ingredients in the product will be more bioavailable and dangerous as well. This is another reason to use quality, vetted brands like you can find here at DirectHemp.com! Lastly, some purists believe that the liver filtration process of our bodies is in place for a reason, and by bypassing this process we lose out on needed benefits from the CBD on our livers. This is interesting to note, because some studies show that CBD can have a significant effect on blood alcohol levels.


Do You Sell Water-Soluble CBD Products on DirectHemp.com?

In short, yes! We try to offer something for everyone and have included water-soluble products into our product offerings. Look for the water-soluble icon to note whether a product has been made to be water-soluble!













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