4x CrossFit Games Team Athlete 2x Crossfit Games Individual Athlete

Sam Dancer is a legally blind former ceramics artist, former D1 running back turned gym owner and professional CrossFitter. He’s recently spent his recent years traveling the world collecting memories and knowledge through shared experiences with his wife Jennifer. Optimizing performance of the mind, body, spirit and relationships is what keeps this wild love machine ticking! Sam is a rare athlete that leads with his heart and we are so honored to have him a part of the DirectHemp family. 

Sam's Favorite Products

“I keep reaching to the Rise and Zen. I can sometimes be influenced by packaging or ingredients list. I keep finding myself popping open the Rise in the morning and the Zen at night. One thing I love about the Zen is its all herbal formulas and doesn’t have melatonin in it. I haven’t messed with nootropics much but I’ve heard great things about lion’s mane and cordyceps and the power of mushrooms. I’m trusting my intuition that this is something my body likes and see it being a sustainable use product. It doesn’t give me jitters but it does elevate. “

“Really enjoy the muscle cream because I enjoy topicals. I love being able to put a dollop in my hand and rub it on sore muscles or joints. I also love the container. A lot of times with muscle creams, they can melt easily. With the Extract Labs lock tin, the contents stay in really well. Its nice to have a muscle cream that works well and also has a container I’m not worrying about leaking into my gym bag. Love the essential oils used in it and I get a lot of relief from this product. I’m a big fan.”