Original Hemp has a product philosophy based on pairing the highest quality whole plant CBD extracts with clinically studied supplements to yield unique doctor-formulated products. Their products maximize cannabinoid absorption, and harness the full power of hemp within our bodies.

Unique, Effective, Doctor-Formulated Products

Original Hemp formulates high-quality, whole plant CBD extracts with clinically studied nutritional supplements to yield unique, effective, doctor-formulated products. CBD products by Original Hemp maximize cannabinoid absorption, which in turn unleashes the full power of hemp CBD in the body.


Energy, Relief, Stress and Sleep Support

Original Hemp features products that are simple to incorporate into your daily routine, including classic CBD tinctures, water-soluble tinctures, topicals and capsules. Their products are specially formulated to support energy, relief, stress, and sleep.


Top quality brands, the best products and our commitment to customer service are all part of the Direct Hemp difference.