Original Hemp Brand Spotlight

Formulated with You in Mind

Original Hemp formulates high-quality, whole plant CBD extracts with clinically studied nutritional supplements to yield unique, effective, doctor-formulated products. CBD products by Original Hemp maximize cannabinoid absorption, which in turn unleashes the full power of hemp CBD in the body.

Original Hemp features products that are simple to incorporate into your daily routine, including classic CBD tinctures, water-soluble tinctures, topicals, and capsules. Their products are specially formulated to support energy, relief, stress, and sleep.

We love Original Hemp’s products for many reasons here at DirectHemp.com but the main reason must be the intention and thoughtfulness they put into each product they create. Some people may look at Original Hemp’s products and ask how they are able to “make claims” like their products help with sleep and stress as they have products labeled and geared towards sleep and stress. The answer to that is simple; the claims are not made on the CBD within the products but instead on the other ingredients that are formulated to work synergistically with the CBD. It is Original Hemp’s belief that the future of hemp and our understanding of its effects on the body are unlimited. Because of this, they pair the highest quality whole plant hemp extracts with clinically studied supplements into unique doctor-formulated products which maximize cannabinoid absorption and provide next-level benefits for your entire body.

Original Hemp goes above and beyond in everything they do from ingredient sourcing to formulating, manufacturing, testing, and educating. They are driven by the goal of bringing you the full line up of products that will take your health journey to the next level. By harnessing the inherent power of cannabinoids and cutting-edge ingredients, Original Hemp was created to provide you with benefits and make natural wellness (wholeness) accessible, affordable, and transparent for all.

When we visited Original Hemp’s facilities in Boca Raton, we were amazed at how well-run of a business they have. We have visited many hemp companies in our journey to find the best products for our customers and a lot feel like start-ups because the space is relatively new. Original Hemp, however, felt like a full-on Fortune 500 corporation from the moment we walked through the doors. We got to take a tour through their multi-floor building and meet the teams of people they have working in each department from sales and marketing, to product R&D, all the way up to the executive team. It was easy to see everyone enjoyed being there and working for such a fantastic company. We sat down with Sarah Reed, Original Hemp’s Director of Operations and she was a wealth of knowledge on all of the products they carry and the intention and thought process behind each formulation.

The newest products we carry from Original Hemp are their water-soluble products. Naturally, most oils do not mix into water or other liquids.  Original Hemp uses cutting-edge technology and advanced ingredients to create a full spectrum hemp oil that is completely soluble in water.   First, Original Hemp Water Soluble tinctures combine a strategic blend of oils, lipids, and extracts called “hydro-colloids”.  Hydro-colloids are hydrophilic ingredients which act as natural emulsifiers through absorption of the protective layer between oil and water molecules. Also, the Original Hemp Water Soluble proprietary formula includes plant-based ingredients that increase the dispersion and dissolution of the oil within liquids while also improving the overall nutritional value and taste.  Finally, the Original Hemp formula undergoes a special process during blending to reduce the ingredient’s particle size using high-shear dispersion to produce a homogeneous full spectrum hemp extract that mixes easily into any liquid. Check out all of Original Hemp’s products and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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