Mint Chocolate Truffles CBD Recipe

Whether you want to treat yourself or someone special to a little something sweet for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got the perfect recipe that blends decadent homemade truffles with our mint chocolate flavored CBD Oil (and plenty of love, of course). It’s a fun twist on this easy-to-prepare sweet treat that pairs creamy chocolate with refreshing mint–and don’t forget our 60mg CBD Oil boasts the benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract and a variety of phytocannabinoids to sweeten the deal.  

These little truffles are a tasty, bite-sized way to enjoy those benefits, but be sure to measure your product carefully to ensure you indulge responsibly. And, as always, keep any infused foods safely away from children or pets. 

Our recipe features a rich cookie-based truffle enrobed in smooth chocolate. These no-bake beauties come together in minutes in the food processor and require no baking. Before dipping in chocolate, be sure to refrigerate the cookie filling for at least an hour to help them hold their shape when dipped in melted chocolate. 

Get creative with your truffles by using food coloring and white chocolate to create colorful truffles, adding contrasting swirls or stripes of chocolate with a piping bag, or topping with festive sprinkles to make these extra-special. As a reminder, be sure to dose and consume carefully, as different serving sizes will result in different doses.  

Mint Chocolate Truffles 

Yield: 6 servings – 4 truffles per serving

Total CBD per recipe: 360mg 

CBD per serving: 60mg (1 serving of 60mg Tincture)


36 chocolate sandwich cookies 

½ tsp. peppermint extract 

8 oz. cream cheese, softened  

6 mL Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil – Mint Chocolate

12 oz. semi-sweet baking chocolate, chopped


Line a sheet pan with parchment or silicone mat and set aside. 

Place cookies in a food processor and pulse until finely crushed. 

Add cream cheese, Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil – Mint Chocolate, and peppermint extract to food processor and pulse until combined. 

Using a tablespoon measuring spoon, scoop out the cookie mixture and shape into balls, placing shaped truffles on the lined sheet pan. 

Cover and refrigerate truffles for 1 hour. 

When truffles are chilled and ready for dipping, melt baking chocolate in a heat-proof bowl in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring before heating again, until completely melted and smooth. Let melted chocolate cool for 5 minutes to avoid melting the chilled truffles when dipping. 

Using a fork, carefully drop one truffle at a time into the melted chocolate, using the fork to lift out of the melted chocolate and let the excess drip off before placing dipped truffle on the lined baking sheet. Repeat until all truffles are coated and add any desired additional toppings or decor. 

Let chill in the fridge for 1 hour, or until the chocolate is set. Serve. 

Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.

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