How to Calm a Dog at Night 

Every dog owner knows the frustration – it’s bedtime, but your dog is wide awake. This overactivity can disrupt the peace of the night, leaving both owner and pet sleep deprived. This behavior can be due to several reasons like stress, lack of sufficient physical exercise, or age. If you’re pondering how to calm a dog at night, you’re not alone in this dilemma. 

Understandably, calming your dog at night is not just beneficial for your pet but also vital for your sleep and wellbeing. Bringing calm to night may seem tricky, but it’s not impossible. Calming your dog at night boils down to a consistent bedtime routine, a comfortable sleep area, gentle massages, dog-friendly sounds or scents, and using the natural power of botanicals. 

Maintaining a Consistent Routine 

A predictable sleep routine for you and your dog is the first step. Consistency provides a sense of security to dogs and can significantly influence their behavior, making nighttime more peaceful. Try a late-night walk or a spin around the backyard, then a tasty calming soft chew

Creating a Comfortable Sleep Area 

Where a dog sleeps can directly impact how well it rests. Providing a comfortable, defined sleep area is conducive to a relaxing atmosphere that can induce better sleep. A cozy bed with the familiar smell of their beloved owner can work magic to calm a dog and encourage sleep. 

Offering Gentle Massages 

Gentle touches and slow, soothing petting can empathetically communicate tranquility to your canine friend. Just imagine how a gentle stroke down your back relaxes you; it’s the same for dogs. Instigating a ritual of calm massage during the night can lead to associating tranquil touches with bedtime. 

Incorporating Dog-friendly Sounds or Scents 

Just like people, dogs can experience relaxation through auditory or olfactory stimuli. It could be calming music or the scent of their favorite treat, but identifying what sounds or smells appease your pet can play a significant role in how to calm a dog at night. 

Harnessing the Natural Power of Botanicals 

Leveraging the calming properties of nature can work wonders in maintaining a calm demeanor in your dog. Charlotte’s Web Calming Soft Chews for dogs feature a botanical blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, valerian root, passionflower extract and chamomile to promote a calm disposition in your furry friend. 

In conclusion, learning how to calm a dog at night is achievable. By combining strategies such as maintaining a consistent routine, creating a cozy sleep area, providing gentle massages, harnessing comforting sounds or scents, and the benefits of Charlotte’s Web CBD and botanicals, you can transform restless nights into peaceful slumbers. A restful night is not a mere wish but a plausible reality for every soul in your household. Try out our Canine Calm Bundle and see how it affects your dog’s sense of calm before another week goes by. 

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