How Long Does CBD Stay in your System?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, the second most abundant compound found in cannabis sativa plant. CBD is one of the more than 120 cannabinoids found in cannabis.

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not cause any mental disturbances or affect the user’s cognitive abilities, upon consumption. Psychoactive intoxication is also known as the “heightened state,” which is common in users of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis plants.

Research shows that CBD is effective for a range of medical conditions. CBD is legal in all the 50 U.S. states although restrictions regarding usage differs from state to state.

Despite its legal status and treatment efficacy, CBD remains a less understood drug. Questions galore regarding its usage, safety and efficiency as a therapeutic drug.

While existing research provides solid insights into its safety and use, more clinical trials are essential to derive conclusive results.

A frequent question surrounding CBD use is regarding its interactions within the body and its duration of stay in the body.


How long does CBD stay in your System?

CBD usually stays in the human body for 2 to 5 days. But this duration does not apply to all users. In some people, CBD can stay for weeks. There are several factors that govern the stay time of CBD in the body.

Some key factors include:

Body Condition

The effects of CBD can vary from person to person. Individual factors such as metabolism, BMI (Body Mass Index) and amount of water in the body are some crucial factors that determine how long CBD stays in a person’s system.

Frequency of CBD Use

If you are a regular user of CBD, then it will build up in your body gradually. As a result, CBD stays in

your body for a longer time. If you use CBD only occasionally, then the duration of stay is lesser.

This is why you should consume CBD for a minimum of 2 -3 weeks if you are starting. This duration will be adequate to understand if CBD works for you.

It is also important to seek your doctor’s advice regarding the use of CBD. Multiple factors, including age, existing medical conditions and medications, can affect your CBD intake. Discuss with your doctor about the pros and cons of taking CBD.

Quantity of CBD Intake

The lower the dose, the lower the duration of CBD’s stay in your body. The higher you consume, the greater the duration of stay.


When you take CBD after a heavy meal, it stays longer in your system. This is because a full stomach slows down the digestion of the compound. If you consume CBD on an empty stomach, then it gets out of your system faster because of faster metabolism.

Type of CBD Product

The method of CBD drug interactions with the body affects its stay time.

There are a variety of CBD products, including capsules, pills, oils, tinctures, vaping formulations, edible formats, creams, slaves and lotions. Each product impacts the stay of CBD in the system differently.

Vaping, for example, causes the body to take in CBD into the lungs directly. The drug starts to take effect faster. CBD also leaves the body faster this way.

Products such as tinctures and oils are absorbed into the bloodstream directly, which retains them in the body longer.

Topical products such as lotions, serums and creams are applied on the skin directly. They take some time to enter the body through the skin, which means they may stay longer in the body.

Edible products such as gummies enter the digestive system before they take effect. This can slow down the time they stay in an individual’s body.


When does the Body Start to Feel the Impact of CBD?

While the body can take 2 to 5 days to clear out CBD completely, research shows that it takes lesser time for the body to feel the impact of the drug. It can take as few as 6 hours for the body to see the impact.

But again, time for CBD action depends on the same factors that determine its stay in the body. Vaping products, for example, take only 15 minutes to show effect. Topical products and edible formulations can take a maximum of 1 or 2 hours to show impact.

While CBD itself may take longer to leave the body, its effects leave sooner. CBD effects typically last for 2 to 6 hours. Body and drug factors mentioned above can impact this duration.


How does CBD Stay Time Impact Drug Tests?

CBD may show up for the time it is believed to have an impact on the body (2 to 6 hours). But CBD does not usually show up in a drug test unless it has THC.

People using CBD are not usually at risk of failing drug tests. Drug tests that test for even minute presence of THC may pick up the presence of the compound in CBD products.

If you do not want THC in your system, then go for CBD Isolate products. These products contain CBD alone. Products containing full-spectrum CBD come with all the natural elements present in cannabis sativa plant, including THC.

Products using broad spectrum contain only traces of THC because the extraction process involves elimination of THC.

Products that use CBD extracted from hemp do contain THC in their full-spectrum formats. If such THC composition is less than 0.3%, then you are within legal limits of THC consumption.


Ways to Get CBD Out of the Body

CBD mostly leaves the body through urine and sweat. Some natural ways through which you can rush CBD out of your body include:

  • Drinking more Water – Drinking plenty of water can flush out CBD and other toxins out of the body through urine. You may want to have 67–100 ounces (2 to 3 liters) of water a day before a drug test. You may continue with 33 – 67 ounces (1 to 2 liters) of water on the day of the test.
  • Include More Fiber in your Diet – Fiber intake can add momentum to your bowel movements and speed up CBD exit. Since CBD is fast to leave the body with waste and toxins, this can be an effective method.

Fatty foods can lower toxin elimination, which is why you must stay away from fatty foods when consuming CBD. Include more vegetables, fruits and beans in your diet.

  • Exercise – Moderate to intense workouts cause you to sweat, which removes CBD efficiently. Exercises also increase your water intake, which only makes elimination faster.

Fat cells tend to store CBD. Intense exercises can break down such fat cells and help eliminate CBD from the body.


In Conclusion

Since there are several factors at play, it is difficult to state the exact time for which CBD stays in the body.

If you are planning on using CBD, consult your doctor first, if necessary. Find out about CBD laws and legal restrictions in different states (or countries) in case you are considering traveling.








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