How CBD Helps Exercise-Induced Inflammation

Feeling sore after a workout is often a result of the hard work you’ve put in. When you complete strenuous exercise, from a long run to a CrossFit session, you typically create microtears in your muscles. This is especially likely to happen when you’ve pushed your body harder than usual, whether that’s due to the duration you’ve worked out or the intensity of your routine.

When your muscles undergo microscopic damage, white blood cells get to work to repair your muscles and ultimately make them stronger. This is a process called inflammation. It’s the immune system’s response to repairing your tissues.

Keep reading to learn more about exercise-induced inflammation and using CBD for muscle recovery to support your workout routine.

What Causes Inflammation?

Exercise induced inflammation can occur whenever you’ve pushed your body in a tough workout. Typically, weight-bearing exercises ranging from running to weight-lifting can lead to inflammation. But low-impact exercise, like walking, can also cause inflammation when your body isn’t used to the exercise you’re doing.

Inflammation triggers pain receptors that signal it’s time to take a break. You can still exercise with a low-impact form of exercise, like walking or swimming. But repeatedly exercising at a strenuous level and not properly resting can lead to ongoing inflammation.

Why Should You Care About Inflammation?

Inflammation can be beneficial, because it’s the process your body goes through to repair and strengthen your muscles. But ongoing exercise-induced inflammation can lead to long lasting health issues.

In order to recover from inflammation, it’s vital to give your body rest. According to a 2019 report by NBC News, when you don’t give your muscles a chance to repair, you increase risk of injury. Without proper rest and muscle recovery from inflammation, you may not be able to see the exercise goals you’re trying to achieve.

Thankfully, there are ways to healthily manage your exercise-induced inflammation.

Does CBD Help with Inflammation?

Many studies support the use of CBD for reducing exercise-induced inflammation. In fact, athletes and personal trainers often use CBD, or Cannabidiol, for muscle recovery.

A study published in “Future Medicinal Chemistry” found cannabinoids suppress inflammatory response which shortens recovery time and relieves exercise-induced tissue inflammation.

Another 2018 review of 132 published studies in “Frontiers in Neurology” found CBD improves mobility and decreases discomfort.

How Does CBD Reduce Inflammation?

CBD interacts with the body through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a receptor system that’s responsible for regulating processes that help you maintain a healthy balance, like sleep, relaxation and cognition.*

What effect does this have on your fitness and post-workout recovery? Since the ECS supports the immune system, using CBD for exercise-induced inflammation can moderate the production of inflammatory chemical messengers. It supports healthy recovery, which can help get back to the gym faster and keep up with your workout routine.

To learn more about using CBD for muscle recovery, read How to Reduce Muscle Aches and Soreness.

Best CBD for Inflammation and Recovery

The best CBD for inflammation that is exercise-induced will depend on your preference for how you want to ingest it. Charlotte’s Web offers several convenient, high-quality CBD products to support your exercise regime:

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil CBD oil for exercised-induced inflammation is a great option for athletes to use because of its versatile delivery. You can take CBD oil for muscle recovery plain, or add it to a workout drink or post-workout food.Charlotte’s Web CBD Capsules For athletes that take other supplements, a CBD capsule can be a great addition. CBD pills for inflammation that is exercise-induced can be integrated into a supplement routine and ingested before or after a workout. CBDMEDIC Active Sport Pain Relief StickSome people prefer using a topical for inflammation or pain that can be applied directly. Apply the CBDMEDIC stick before, during, or after working out for temporary relief for sore muscles.Charlotte’s Web Recovery* GummiesOur Recovery gummies are specially designed for recovery from exercise-induced inflammation. These CBD gummies promote joint strength and joint health, with natural ingredients like turmeric and ginger that support a healthy inflammatory response.

CBD also supports other processes that help reduce inflammatory responses. CBD supports sleep and stress response systems, which have a direct impact on inflammation and recovery time.*

To learn more about which CBD products are best for reducing exercise-induced inflammation, read our article CBD for Athletes and Recovery.

How Much CBD to Take for Exercise-Induced Inflammation

Wondering how much CBD oil for exercise induced inflammation you should take? Every body is different, so CBD serving size for inflammation that is exercise-induced may vary.

We recommend starting with the serving size that is recommended for each product—2 gummies daily before or after exercise, for example—and make adjustments as needed.

For both athletes and everyday exercisers, occasional inflammation and soreness is common. Adding CBD to your routine can help support a healthy fitness pattern. Read more about How Much CBD Is Right for You, browse our entire CBD product line, or click our chatbot on the bottom right of any page to chat with the Charlotte’s Web team. 

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