Here’s What “Back to School” Means for Parents and Teachers

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Summer is on its way out, and school days are here again. You know what that means: fall weather, football games, homework, sports, and after-school activities galore.

It’s a busy time, and a memorable time—but it can also be a stressful time. For kids and adults.

Because after all, kids aren’t the only ones whose lives change because of school. This is also the time when teachers go back to work, and when parents find themselves packing lunches, car pooling, and helping with everything from English homework to science projects.

With that in mind, here are a few ways that going back to school can be nerve-wracking for adults—and a few ways that Charlotte’s Web can help make this school year a little more relaxing and enjoyable. For everyone.

Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Nervous About Going Back to School

It’s perfectly normal for kids to be nervous about going back to school. After all, they’ll be meeting new teachers, new students, and learning new subjects.

But parents and teachers get nervous, too!

As a parent, you may worry about your child doing well in their new grade level. You may feel concerned about how well they’ll make new friends, or whether or not they’ll make the basketball team or the cheerleading squad.

And teachers—well, what teacher doesn’t feel a little nervous on the first day of a new school year? After all, you’re about to meet the students you’ll be responsible for in the coming year. And even after that first day is over, you’ll still need to maintain constant vigilance to make sure every kid in your classroom is paying attention and following along with each lesson.

When this occasional anxiety gets to be a little too much, full-spectrum CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web is a powerful and effective way to help support feelings of relaxation. Just choose the flavor and concentration you prefer, and drop a few drops into your mouth. When you feel calmer and more in control, you’ll be in a better position to give your kids the support they need to thrive this school year.

Your Schedule Is About to Get a Lot More Hectic

School days also mean a hectic schedule for parents and teachers alike.

For parents, back to school means your kids’ lives are about to get a lot busier: school, sports practice, dances, theater—the list goes on. And that means more car pooling, more organizing schedules, more time helping with homework, and more driving your kids to and from all their new responsibilities.

For teachers, back to school means back to work—creating lesson plans, grading papers, facilitating assemblies, and all the other challenging tasks you do in a day.

Occasional anxiety isn’t fun, and  there comes a point when too much stress can start to wear you down. Luckily, our Calming CBD Gummies help support a sense of calm that can help you maintain the focus you need to master that hectic schedule this school year.

Getting Good Sleep Is So Important

Sleep is critical for all of us to show up at our best. Of course it’s important for kids to get enough sleep, but the same thing is true of parents and teachers! And with all the hectic new demands on your schedule, you may find yourself having more trouble than usual dozing off at night.

If you find that back-to-school jitters are interfering with your Z’s, try our CBD Sleep Gummies. They combine full-spectrum hemp extract with melatonin to help you drift off and enjoy a better night’s rest—so you can wake up feeling ready to take on the day.

Charlotte’s Web Can Help Your Kids Succeed

We all know how important it is for our kids to do well in school. But what we sometimes don’t acknowledge is that our children rely on us—their parents and teachers—to help them perform at their best in school.

After all, parents are the ones who need to make sure they get to school each day feeling rested and ready to learn. And it’s up to teachers to present each day’s lesson in a way that’s engaging and educational for an entire room of kids.

It’s not easy, but here at Charlotte’s Web, we’re here to help. Consider how the use of our full-spectrum hemp extract can help you feel calmer, better rested, and more focused this school year.

And remember: teachers get 20% off all Charlotte’s Web products! Just use id.me to verify your employment. Once you fill your shopping cart on our site, you will be able to apply the discount during the checkout process.

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