American Made. American Grown. Veteran Owned.
Extract Labs was started in the garage of owner Craig Henderson and from the beginning they have done things right with a majority of their supply chain happening under their own roof. This Colorado-born company prides itself on providing exceptional full spectrum products.


Extract Labs is a culture-first company

Several key factors contribute to Extract Labs unique culture, but none more so than the influence of our founder, Craig Henderson. Craig is a decorated veteran who has brought his army leadership experience to the business world. The only way one makes it through combat is by heavily relying on fellow troops and a smoothly functioning chain of command.

Another defining element of Extract Labs culture centers around the hemp movement itself, and those who are heeding its call. Extract Labs is full of people who have uprooted their lives for a chance to work in this industry. So right away we are talking about a certain type of individual. These are people who have moved to Colorado in pursuit of a dream, a new life. People who invariably have their own heartfelt story of how hemp has improved their lives, and who want to spread that message.

Keeping it In-House

Extract Labs owns and operates every aspect of the business. Keeping it all in-house contributes to a sense of pride in ownership that’s reflected by the quality of products Extract Labs produces.

100% Natural Ingredients

Every ingredient we purchase is organic and all industrial hemp that we process is tested for potency, pesticides and heavy metals. We don’t use any CBD in our products unless it has 0ppm or non-detectable amounts of pesticides, and heavy metals.


Top quality brands, the best products and our commitment to customer service are all part of the Direct Hemp difference.