Experts Advise Congress on CBD Regulation and Policy Reform

On December 6th, scientists, consumer experts and policy makers joined ONE HEMP at a D.C. briefing to advise Congress on CBD regulation. Speakers from Coalition for Access Now, U.S. Pain Foundation, Balanced Veterans Network, ToxStrategies LLC and Dentons provided an in-depth discussion on the current status of CBD and the best path forward to support substantive CBD policy reform in Congress. 

Charlotte’s Web Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Jared Stanely was in attendance and was pleased with the success of the briefing. “The message of today’s briefing was clear – the supply chain bottleneck caused by lack of regulation is negatively impacting millions of CBD consumers, farmers and manufacturers. ONE HEMP has provided sensible policy solutions backed by science to open a pathway for a safe, standardized CBD industry. This was a critical step in our next goal to secure committee hearings with Energy & Commerce and Senate HELP,” remarked Jared. 

Jared Stanley, Cofounder of Charlotte’s Web; Paige Figi, Coalition for Access Now; and Nathan Gerhardt, Charlotte’s Web VP of Regulatory – in Washington D.C. in attendance for the briefing

The briefing was to the House of Representatives and the Senate separately, and included an authoritative, detailed discussion on the current regulatory status of CBD and the best path forward by CBD industry experts and advocates including: 

Jennifer Baxter, Executive Director, Balanced Veterans Network 

Kelly Fair, Strategic Advisor and Legal Counsel to ONE HEMP and U.S. Cannabis and Hemp Group Partner, Dentons 

Paige Figi, Executive Director, Coalition for Access Now 

Nicole Hemmenway, CEO, U.S. Pain Foundation 

Dr. Rayetta Henderson, Foods & Consumer Products, Senior Managing Scientist, ToxStrategies LLC 

They spoke to the beneficial role that CBD plays in the lives of millions of Americans from all walks of life, along with key scientific and policy solutions for the future FDA regulation of CBD products as dietary supplements. 

During the briefing, Kelly D. Fair, Strategic Advisor and Legal Counsel to ONE HEMP, Dentons U.S. Cannabis and Hemp Group Partner, and organizer of ONE HEMP’s RFI submission, outlined the policy recommendations saying, “Policy solutions must lead with science, address FDA concerns, protect states’ rights, and meet the market where it is. Retailers want to sell CBD products and consumers want to access to them.” This ONE HEMP briefing is part of a broader effort to urge the committees of jurisdiction in Congress, so that federal legislators take action to more clearly regulate CBD as a dietary supplement, which would elevate the entire industry.  

If you missed the post-briefing webinar, enjoy the video below, and come back to Charlotte’s Web for more DC updates.  

Full post-briefing webinar, Washington D.C. December 6, 2023

“Without federal regulation, traditional retail, big box, large grocery, traditional pharmacies, they won’t sell the products. They want to sell the products, they’re ready to, the consumers are demanding the products. But until the FDA blesses these products as dietary supplements or otherwise, that point of distribution is constrained… Our proposed policy solution is a science-based approach… It does elegantly thread the needle to address all of the stakeholder concerns, including the FDA’s stated concerns.” 

Kelly Fair, Dentons 

“What keeps me up at night are the countless emails that I receive from everyday individuals who have lost everything because of pain.”

Nicole Hemmenway, U.S. Pain Foundation

“Many veterans have found relief in healing through the use of CBD…”

Jennifer Baxter, Balanced Veterans Network

“Our goal was to derive evidence-based conclusions and recommendations that could be carried forward and used by those who are interested in setting regulatory guidelines.”

Dr. Rayetta Henderson, ToxStrategies

“It’s a no-brainer. It’s uncomplicated and uncontroversial.” 

Paige Figi, Coalition for Access Now 

Want to learn more about Paige Figi’s work in Washington? Read now.

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