Cured Nutrition Brand Highlight

Cured Nutrition is an intentional, innovative company focused on improving the lives of their customers. respects their philosophy on holistic healing and their focus on educating their customers. We are a huge fan of their CBD and mushroom mixes that they have tailored for daytime (“Rise”) and nighttime (“Zen”) usage. Their entire consumer experience stands out as top-tier. We want to tell you more about them along with why we support them and choose to carry their products.

Visiting Cured Nutrition’s operations in person during our vetting process was one of the more memorable visits we had. We had the opportunity to gain true insight to how the company runs and just how much effort they put into making their employees feel respected and taken care of by fostering an amazing company culture. Shortly after we showed up, we were told we only had a few hours of time to go through everything because they had their company yoga session they all had to get to and extended an invite to us if we wanted to join. This is just a small example of how Cured Nutrition gives back to their employees and creates the culture you can feel after walking through their doors. We sat and talked with Joe and Taylor, Cured Nutrition’s founders, for a while after receiving a full tour and were thoroughly impressed. We knew we wanted to carry this brand and be able to provide their products to our friends and family. In the next few paragraphs, we will dive a bit deeper into exactly who Cured Nutrition is as a company.

You cannot begin to tell the story of Cured Nutrition without getting into the background of the founders, Joseph and Taylor. Joseph Sheehey was a NASA-contributing aerospace engineer and nationally distinguished physique competitor who was struggling with depression. In this depression, Joseph decided he would use it and make something of it instead of letting it make something of him. With that decision, he decided to reach out to Taylor O’Donnell. Taylor is an engineer, cannabis cultivator and entrepreneur. After he studied Mechanical Engineering and Entrepreneurship, he worked in the field of loud physics instrumentation for 3 years before focusing his talents in the cannabis space. He ran indoor and outdoor recreational grow operations and consulted for grow operations and a cannabis banking software company. This experience gave him extensive knowledge of compliant cannabis operations and business operations. When Joseph called Taylor he said, “Let’s package cannabis in the same way (as he had opened up about his depression), let’s make it normal.”

Shortly after that fateful phone call, in August of 2017, Cured Nutrition was born. Cured’s mission statement is, “At Cured, we have a responsibility to serve humanity by sharing the true healing powers of nature.” Their core values are Nature, Responsibility, and Service. They are committed to providing transparency and traceability which is especially important to us as well. Because of this, they partnered with a local farm, Shi Farms, where they source all of their hemp. Shi Farms is a licensed Hemp Cultivation Operation under the Colorado Department of Agriculture located in Pueblo, Colorado. Cured Nutrition trusts Shi Farms to supply them with organically-grown hemp, free of heavy metals, pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals as well as containing the regulated .3 percent or less THC for all their products.

Cured Products are high-quality and well thought out. Their dog treats use USDA organic ingredients and contain 4mg per treat. Their Raw Capsules were created to be a full spectrum product while still being compliant. Their Mint Tinctures are isolate-based to give their customers (and ours) a THC-free option while their Raw Tinctures are full-spectrum as well. Their Raw Tinctures are hand harvested and dried leaving no dirt behind. They are made from a full-spectrum CO2-extracted crude which allows for the full benefits of the Entourage Effect. Their Raw Paw Pet Tincture is the same except it is formulated to 4mg of CBD per 1ml. They also have two amazing products focused on day and night formulations with adaptogens at the forefront of the formulation and CBD thoughtfully added in. RISE is their daytime product that is focused on nootropics and stimulating adaptogens to feel even, clear, focused, sharp and on-point. They start with 10mg per serving of broad-spectrum CBD and combine it with Lion’s Mane mushrooms, Cordyceps, Vitamin B, Siberian Ginseng, and Gotua Kola. This is a great product if you are looking for something to get you throughout the day without having to rely on caffeine! Their night-time blend, ZEN, is also adaptogen-focused and formulate to provide a calming and relaxing effect with added CBD. They combine CBD with magnesium (a mineral that 75% of Americans are deficient in), Reishi mushrooms, Skullcap mushroom, Passionflower and Ashwagandha for the perfect capsules to bring you to a state that will promote a restful sleep.

Their story, their vision, their company culture, their products. Everything Cured Nutrition does is well thought out and carefully crafted. We love this company and hope you will too! Drop us a question or comment about Cured Nutrition below!

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