Curatio Brand Highlight

Curatio CBD’s brand mission is to develop medical-grade cannabinoid products that have unrivaled purity, potency, absorption and overall efficacy. If looking at their list of manufacturing standards and certificates does not convince you they have fulfilled their mission, then trying the products out for yourself certainly will!

Their list of manufacturing standards and certificates includes: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Certification, GMP Certification for Dietary Supplements and Human Food on top of a ISO 9001 certification. This is an impressive list for any company, but all the more impressive for a company in the CBD space.  Curatio offers medical-grade, full-spectrum CBD products for a variety of concerns. Curatio’s products are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade nano-technology for maximum absorption, potency, efficacy, and purity. Formulated for both oral and topical delivery, Curatio’s proprietary formulation emphasizes cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC), terpenes, and triglycerides. Curatio’s CBD tinctures, roll-ons, and creams feature 10X greater absorption than traditional formulations.

When we first got the opportunity to try Curatio’s products at, we were instantly impressed. After trying the 600mg extra strength topical and immediately feeling the results, we knew we had encountered a great product and a great brand. While testing the products throughout the week, our top sales executive, Dallas, had found her new favorite product in Curatio’s 230mg nano spray. Dallas reported that this product gave her a bit more focus and clarity throughout the day. After trying out all Curatio’s products we were eager to form a partnership with them.

We worked with Glenn, the CEO and founder of Curatio, to learn more about what made the products stand out so greatly. Glenn, who is a wealth of information on the science behind his products is a passionate individual who clearly knows his stuff and takes pride in his products and formulations. In these conversations it became clear that a piece of what made these products so special was the focus on the ratio of cannabinoids CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and CBDv. After finding the perfect ratio, Curatio uses a state-of-the-art nanoemulsion technology to miniaturize the droplet size that brings the CBD to 40 nanometers, greatly increasing absorption, bioavailability, onset and duration of action. After the products are finished, Curatio has them third-party lab tested three times to ensure that they are THC-free and meet the high standards the company has set.

Not only is Curatio favored by customers across the county, they’re also recommended by a nationwide network of over 4,000 health care professionals! We are so excited to introduce this brand to our community and we hope you enjoy their products! If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below!

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