Charlotte’s Web is the official CBD of Major League Baseball

We’re very excited and honored to announce that Charlotte’s Web is now the official CBD of Major League Baseball, pioneering a new pro sports league category with natural CBD products to support recovery and overall wellness for both athletes and fans.  

“As a leader in the CBD category with products that provide health and wellness benefits, Charlotte’s Web is a welcome addition to the MLB family representing a landmark partnership in baseball and sports,” said Noah Garden, MLB Chief Revenue Officer.  

Through the partnership, Charlotte’s Web will have a premiere brand presence at MLB’s Jewel Events, including All-Star Week, Postseason, and the World Series presented by Capital One through marketing, media, and ballpark activations that connect to the league’s fan base of over 180 million Americans. All of which is to say, you’ll start to see Charlotte’s Web in many more places during baseball season!  

The partnership celebrates the much-anticipated launch of Charlotte’s Web SPORT – Daily Edge, the first broad-spectrum hemp-derived tincture to be Certified for Sport® by NSF, the highly respected global third-party organization that establishes standards for safety, quality, sustainability, and performance. 

Our team of scientists and experts worked tirelessly with NSF and MLB to ensure Charlotte’s Web SPORT – Daily Edge tincture meets the exacting standards required by MLB.  

When we announced the launch of our SPORT line in August, our CEO Jacques Tororoli noted, “Focus, recovery, and sleep are critical areas of optimization for athletes that our sports products can support. An NSF Certified for Sport® line can assure sports leagues and their players that ingredients are safe and certify that there are no banned substances.” He continued, “We believe our products, upon meeting NSF certification, will make a positive impact on the lives of professional, amateur athletes and fans alike.”

Meet Charlotte’s Web SPORT – Daily Edge

Charlotte’s Web SPORT – Daily Edge is  Certified for Sport® by NSF, and provides assurance to athletes that they’re getting a safe, high-quality product that’s suitable for professional, recreational and novice athletes alike to help support recovery from exercise-induced inflammation, help keep calm under pressure, and maintain healthy sleep cycles. Because sleeping like a champ matters. 

It also ensures that: 

The certified product has been tested for 280 banned substances The contents of the product match what is printed on the label There are no unsafe levels of contaminants The product is manufactured at a cGMP-compliant facility 

Charlotte’s Web SPORT – Daily Edge is available starting today exclusively on our website.  

What Does NSF Certified for Sport Mean?

NSF is an independent, global organization that facilitates standards development, and tests and certifies products for the food, water, health sciences and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment. Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide.  

As stated by Mr. Garden of MLB: “The NSF Certified for Sport® mark means the Charlotte’s Web products have met the highest safety standards. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership offers as CBD becomes a more widely adopted part of the health and wellness regimen of our players and fans.”  

Beyond NSF…

Daily Edge isn’t just NSF Certified for Sport®, it follows our exceedingly high standards for quality, including current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), plus it’s organic, vegan, and kosher too.  

While you’ll only find the NSF Certified for Sport® designation on our SPORT – Daily Edge tincture, all our products meet the top standards in the industry. 

Our Mission Brought to Life in Partnership with MLB

Today is another historic chapter in our story of commitment to helping others. 

Charlotte’s Web and MLB share a purpose-focused mission and a passion for supporting our communities. We’ve committed to serving as Corporate Social Responsibility partners as well as environmental and sustainability causes that promote quality of life for athletes and fans. 

Our co-founder, Jared Stanley, COO Charlotte’s Web captures it best, “Nature is the most intelligent and advanced technology system in our world, and when we work with nature for health and innovate through the lens of community care, we can truly redefine what it means to be well as an athlete. This is game changing, and I am excited by what we can accomplish with the MLB partnership.”  

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