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CBDMEDIC™ is a revolutionary line of topical pain relief and skincare medications developed to provide safe, natural, and temporary relief. CBDMEDIC™ products are the result of rigorous scientific research and an extensive understanding of natural oils, analgesic ingredients, and how our bodies react to these combinations.


CBDMEDIC™’s innovative formula is built on 15 years of pharmaceutical research and development. It is the FIRST family of topical medications that are formulated, indication-specific using active pharmaceutical ingredients including menthol, camphor, colloidal oatmeal, salicylic acid, allantoin, and lidocaine along with hemp extract or oil and other natural emollients and essential oils. The proprietary, patent-pending formulation’s ingredients work together to create a synergistic effect, that provides exceptional performance, as reported by healthcare practitioners and customers nationwide.

CBDMEDIC™ launched in 2019, but it did not take long for them to become a nationwide phenomenon. In July of 2019, CBDMEDIC made headlines when they announced new retail purchase orders from CVS. In the fall of 2019, Rob Gronkowski made another giant announcement that he had partnered with the company and this became a highlight news story on every major sports and media channel.

”These products changed my life. I wish I had been able to use CBDMEDIC while I was playing. It would have made a huge difference in my pain management during my career and I know it can help many others who are looking for safe, pill-free solutions to managing pain,” Gronk said.

CBDMEDIC™ didn’t stop there. On March 23rd of 2020, Charlotte’s Web announced that they would be acquiring Abacus Health Products (the parent company to CBDMEDIC™). This was a big announcement for the industry as it combined the market leader in hemp-derived CBD wellness products with the market leader in OTC topical products and, thusly, created the world’s largest vertically integrated hemp-derived CBD company. This acquisition allowed Charlotte’s Web to expand their product portfolio, create a best-in-class innovation leader across all hemp derived category segments, and expanded their market share leadership across the industry.

If all of this wasn’t impressive enough, we will also add that CBDMEDIC™ abides by the FDA governing monograph for OTC topical medications. Because of that, they are able to make medical claims on muscle & joint pain relief as well as minor skin conditions like eczema and acne treatment. Other CBD products that are not grounded in pharmaceutical research, development, and extensive experience are not able to make such claims.

You can find our collection of CBDMEDIC™ products right here and we have something for everyone. If you are looking for temporary relief from back & neck pain, you’ll want the Back & Neck Pain Relief ointment. If you’re looking for temporary relief from arthritis aches and pains you’ll want to check out the Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief Cream or Relief Ointment. So, what’s the difference between a cream and an ointment? Well, CBDMEDIC™ creams are water-based. Distilled water is blended with natural oils to make up a portion of the formulation in order to promote absorption. They are intended for areas of the body that may require frequent use, like the hands or feet.

CBDMEDIC™ ointments, on the other hand are made with oils from nature and organic waxes, specifically chosen to enable penetration into muscles and joints. Bottom Line: The pain-relieving effects of our ointments generally last longer than creams, since water evaporates. However, the scent evaporates sooner in creams.

Their story, their vision, their expertise, their products. Everything CBDMEDIC™ does is well thought out and carefully crafted. We love this company and hope you will too! Drop us a question or comment about CBDMEDIC™ below!

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