CBD for Mom

It’s safe to say that if you’re a mom, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Taking care of a tiny human is hard work as it is, on top of everything you do to keep up the house, cook dinners, kick butt at the office, and maintain a healthy social life.

All those responsibilities can contribute to a number of challenges that are becoming increasingly common for moms. First of all, there’s the stress and anxiety of getting everything done. Between a crying baby and a hectic schedule, it’s not hard to see why you might be feeling more anxiety than normal.

Another big challenge moms face is sleep deprivation. This might be caused by an anxious, racing mind as you lay in bed, or the sound of a crying infant coming from the baby monitor. And when you don’t get enough sleep at night, it can interfere with your ability to get things done the next day.

When motherhood gets tough, consider turning to CBD for support. Full-spectrum hemp extract, like you’ll find here at Charlotte’s Web, can help you maintain a sense of calm focus and deal with everyday stressors and anxieties.* Plus, the cannabinoids present in CBD can help support healthy sleep cycles so you can wake up ready to take on the day.*

CBD for New Mothers

If you’re a new mother, congratulations! You’ve got so much to be excited about and to look forward to with the precious new addition to your family.

But at the same time, being a new mom can be one of the hardest periods of your life. You’re probably getting by on fumes, with constantly interrupted sleep. Plus, being a new mom involves new routines and responsibilities that can be difficult to manage. You’ve got a lot to learn about naps, snacks, and bottles—and don’t even get us started on diaper blowout.

Fortunately, taking CBD can help you deal with these new stressors, so you can focus on the joyous parts of these years. Try our full-spectrum CBD oil to help maintain a sense of calm, even when you’re struggling to figure out this whole “mom” thing.* CBD also helps improve your sleep, which will help you make the most of those precious hours when your baby is snoozing soundly.*

Should Moms Take CBD While Breastfeeding?

We’ve gotten this question a number of times, so we wanted to address it head on. Most studies to date have focused on the use of THC during breastfeeding, rather than CBD, so more research is warranted on this issue. But the results of these studies have left experts concerned about the effect of cannabinoids on infant brain development. For that reason, the CDC recommends avoiding the use of products containing CBD while breastfeeding. For all we know, CBD may be perfectly safe for breastfeeding mothers. But until we know more, we advise you to follow the CDC’s recommendations and wait until after you’re done breastfeeding to use CBD.

CBD for Moms with School-age Kids

If your kids are a little older, you’re no longer changing diapers or preparing bottles—but your days are still filled with play dates, doctor visits, school activities, and dealing with dramatic issues like who told on who, who pushed who, or who broke whose toy doll.

By the time your kids reach their teenage years, you may not have to do as much watching over them—but that doesn’t mean they won’t still make you worry when they start dating and staying out past curfew on the weekends.

If the demands of raising your kids are making you feel stressed out, try our CBD Gummies to help alleviate some of your feelings of anxiety.* Our Calming CBD Gummies contain relaxing lemon balm and our signature full-spectrum hemp extract to help put you in a better frame of mind for dealing with all of life’s curveballs, while our Sleep CBD Gummies combine CBD with melatonin (“nature’s sleep aid”) to help you get to sleep and stay asleep at night.* It’s amazing how much more calm and in control you can feel when you’re getting enough quality rest at night.

CBD for Grandmas

Remember that grandmothers are mothers, too! You may not think of grandma as the kind of person to use CBD, but a national Consumers Reports survey in 2020 revealed that a whopping 20% of Americans 65 years and older have tried CBD. That number was increased from just 14% in 2019, which is a convincing sign that CBD use is rapidly increasing among older people.

And that’s not surprising, considering that 52.9% of seniors experience bothersome pain on a regular basis, and 49.6% suffer from doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Aches and pains like this can have a detrimental effect on grandma’s everyday quality of life.

CBD can help here, when it’s combined with proven active ingredients for pain relief like menthol and camphor. Our topical CBDMedic Arthritis Pain Relief Cream and CBDMedic Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment can temporarily alleviate minor aches and pain from arthritis just by rubbing them into the skin.

Sleep, of course, is essential for repairing the body. And if grandma has trouble getting quality sleep the way she used to, consider using our CBD Capsules to improve her sleep quality.* Each capsule contains the same full-spectrum hemp extract as our other products, but taking them in pill form tends to work well for seniors who may not care for the taste—and who may already have a pill box that can easily accommodate another evening pill.

CBD Gifts for Mom

Looking for the perfect gift for mom to show her how much you appreciate all her hard work and love? CBD for mom makes a thoughtful gift that she’s sure to appreciate for her birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or even as an impromptu gift any day of the year.

Full-spectrum CBD gifts for mom are a great way to show mom that you care about her peace of mind and well-being. Think of it as your way of saying, “Thanks for taking care of me, mom—now here’s something to help take care of you.”

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