CrossFit Athlete, Actress, Entrepreneur, Business Woman and just all around BAB!

Brooke Ence: CrossFit Athlete, Actress, Entrepreneur, Business woman and just all around BAB. Brooke Charged into the CrossFit world in 2015, and she quickly made a name for herself with her explosive strength and exuberant personality. Since leaving the competition floor in 2018 due to injuries, Brooke has gone on to do work in the Film and Television industry as well as explore the world of business. An Entrepreneur at heart, Brooke has launched numerous companies including Encewear, a fitness apparel line. Athia, a skincare line for active people as well as The Naked Training Program. Brooke also hosts a hilarious podcast called Between the Reps with BFF Jeanna Cianciarulo.  

Brooke's Favorite Products

“I have a terrible time sleeping through the night. Often when I wake up, I’m hungry and I go get a snack (which isn’t always the greatest thing to do) These soft gels have helped me sleep through the night and I wake up feeling rested!”

“I am a huge believer in the power of mushrooms. I love that this product combines the powers of both CBD and mushrooms. I have noticed it helps with focus and clarity throughout the day.”

Brooke's Bundle

Brooke is always on the go and lives a very demanding life. She loves products that help her get up and go in the morning and wind down at night to get some great sleep!